Gay Marriage Essay (with sources)

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can someone please make a tumblr for old essays and everyone can just upload their essays and others can steal them for free come on guys 

just submit essays here

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Anonymous: sooo i dont know if you guys are still doing this butt i think its a great idea. i think if you periodically posted like studying tips or like a random fun fact a day you would get more followers and more participation in the blog

I am still debating if I want to do this blog or not. I might delete it, but I am still iffy. 

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Anonymous: Hello, guys. I just discovered this blog, what a great idea a homework blog! So I came to ask you for advice. I've been struggling a lot in High School, so I thought maybe you could tell me what motivates you to study, where do you like to do readings, if you have any tips on how to concentrate... Anything like that, anything that helps me study more and better. Please, help me! I've been having such hard times. :( x

I’m glad you like the blog! 

I have a few tips. For motivations look at the colleges you want to apply and your career paths. That could motivate you. Or you could give you little rewards for every good grade you get. 

For study and reading places go to the library. It’s such a study friendly environment. 

I hope this helps! If anybody else has ideas please send them over! 

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narrylosers: this is a really cool idea :)

I’m so glad you like it!! 

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Anonymous: Is there any subjects you don't have yet?

Not much that I can think of. If you have any suggestions then feel free to send them my way! (: 

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